I Have Arrived in Bangkok

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I Have Arrived in Bangkok

Leaving from my house in Marion, OH at 9:00 am on July 22nd, I didn’t arrive to my apartment in Bangkok, Thailand till 2:30 am on July 25th. The plane ride was a very bumpy ride for we went through a lot of storms, but I’m thankful I arrived safely! And I have to say one thing – always fly Delta! Folks, they gave me a double chocolate ice cream bar!! If you fly China Eastern Airlines you get rice…and some more rice. I was very thankful for my chocolate ice cream bar.

I have arrived in Bangkok…and I took a 22 hour nap…and it was amazing. I honestly can’t believe I slept that long. I remember waking up a few times telling myself I had things to do and I just laid there crashed on my bed.

In all honestly, I feel like I could use another nap. I’ve been at Bible Church Thailand all day not being able to function very well because of jet lag. I was super excited though to bring a suitcase over full of teaching supplies such as pencils, colored pencils, an electric pencil sharpener, Bibles, flash cards, work books, posters, and tons of games with plenty other odds and ends!

Tomorrow Jennie, Tui, Wat, and I will be going to Striwit 2 School for English club and also SPUniversity teaching English and holding a Bible study!

When the taxi pulled into the Church, my jaw dropped. You’ll find out why tomorrow.

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