Wisdom Plus Foundation

My jaw dropped as the taxi pulled up to Bible Church Thailand. There was no parking lot!!! There honestly isn’t much of one anyway for only 5 vehicles can actually park there. I knew the church was going to be putting a container on top of the other container, but I had no idea it was going to be this much of a mess! Mud was everywhere!! And I couldn’t even get to the bathroom. I realized later after I was in serious need of it, that there was a little board to cross over the ditch they had dug up all around the container.

This is a huge answer to prayer for this lady, who is Buddhist, blessed the “Wisdom Plus Foundation” with a container for a School. Pastor Ben is an English Professor at RBAC and will be able to use this container for tutoring along with holding English classes during the week as we are doing now. I use his office at church for my classroom as we use other corners of the church for classrooms as well. As soon as this is done, we will have our own classrooms with all of our books and supplies in order. I’m very thrilled about this. (I can’t wait to hang up school posters!)

All glory to God!! Even though we will now be in mud for three months, in the end this will be a huge project completed. God has blessed this church to teach more Buddhists for Christ while using English as a tool.

Planting the seeds one at a time!

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