Thankful for God’s Protection

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Thankful for God’s Protection

So with my blog I like to try to give updates of just my everyday “normal” life. So today, I want to thank God for His protection because I was in a motorcycle accident last night.

It wasn’t a serious one but it still could have been a million times worse. It really makes you realize how God truly does have His amazing grace over every minute of our lives!

How it happened:

So I took a Grab Motorcycle to my apartment and we were going straight. I saw a guy up ahead on his motorcycle, stopped, looking both ways but kept looking left then bam – he took off straight into us! The taxi driver saw it happening too and he swerved to the right while I jumped half way off the bike to avoid getting hit, but the guy’s motorcycle still hit my left leg. The driver who hit us fell off his motorcycle into the middle of the intersection. Not being able to move cause his motorcycle was on my left foot, I was asking him if he was ok. He kept apologizing in Thai meanwhile my driver was probably cussing him out in Thai. But the guy got up, I got situated back on the bike, and then we parted ways.

My leg has a deep bruise and my foot is what is in the most pain, but it’s totally bearable.

I am truly thankful for His protection and everyone that prays for me. Please continue to pray for my safety! Riding motorcycles in Thailand is no joke, but it’s the main transportation in this country.

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