Building the School Together

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Building the School Together

As the OPG Mission Team arrived in the jungle, I would say we were pretty excited to help build a school! When I went up north around the month of March, we discussed with the General of Burma to build a school in Bricket 7. (Each village has a name but to know their location on the river, they go by numbers.) This will be a Christian high school for 10th-12th grade.

After the team taught school in the morning, we ate lunch, and then we changed clothes to start working! We had to start digging up some dirt to start building a good foundation. We would dig and carry the buckets of dirt for a good half a mile and then walk back to repeat this cycle.

As we all dumped our buckets and bags into one pile where the school was to be built, I was surprised at how small the pile actually was. I thought, “Wow. How many times will we have to do this?” Pastor K shouted in Thai, “Twelve more trips!” I laughed and thought it would be a miracle if I made it to five and that’s exactly how many times I made it. It was just dead hot outside and pretty far to walk and for some reason that kind of dirt was pretty heavy. I was thankful it started raining to cool us all down for about a minute – then came the mud and humidity.

What really blessed me was that when all the children got out of school, Pastor K lined them all up and started shouting at them getting them all pumped up to come and help. Here they all came, running down the mountain with all of their buckets and potato sack bags and their biggest smiles on ready to help us!

It really is amazing to take a step back and watch all of this come together. I see how one man captured this vision and donated his own money to build this school. Then I see how God laid it on Pastor Ben’s heart where it needed to be built. Then I go and listen to meetings and their planning of this school. In July, we got to start by digging the foundation. Now I’m watching it being built and it’s just an amazing process to watch unfold.

Together we can do more!

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