2020 – A year of vision and perspective

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2020 – A year of vision and perspective.

I think most of us would say 2020 wasn’t a year of vision and we would rather just say it was a game of who could collect the most toilet paper and stay inside the longest. I think we went through a shock of not seeing people at all to seeing them wearing masks. I remember in Thailand having to wear one and I felt so weird and uncomfortable in public. So coming home to America and having to wear one, I know how that feels. Obviously it goes much deeper than a mask…there were a lot of deaths, sicknesses, riotings, loss of jobs, etc. 2020 is a year of hurt, confusion, and depression for a lot of people.

For me – I would say it’s been a rough year too. Nothing worked out. Like nothing.
I could make a legit list but I will spare everyone from it. I would almost want to say it was a total wasted year. I stopped writing a lot for the fact that sometimes it’s too painful to put it on paper or make the words come together to make sense. I also felt that since I wasn’t coming from a good place in my heart, that I needed to work more on myself in private.

A year of vision and perspective though…I think that’s what God wanted from me. If I look back at 2020, in my eyes it was a complete blur. It’s foggy. With Covid brain, I can’t remember a lot of it anyway and I am not saying that to be funny either. Days were long and hard. Living in a time where everything seems so uncertain can drain you. I’m sure everyone can relate.

But I don’t want to walk out of 2020 hanging my head low and neither should you. It was a rough year, for some more difficult than others, but nonetheless it was hard. Through the tough times people say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” We reply back shrugging our shoulders with a fake chuckle, but deep down we felt like were dying so many times. We don’t feel stronger. We feel defeated. But out of all the ups and downs, we all kept getting up each day.

I have learned this year that the one who falls and gets up, is so much stronger than the one who never fell.

The definition of strong is “indestructible – not able to be destroyed.” You can literally be waddling out of 2020 looking like a dying duck, but you my friend are strong. You’re indestructible. You’re enduring. You’re alive. You made it.

We are walking out of 2020 getting our focus back on what matters most – God. Family. Friends. Time.

Do what you love and don’t ever take it for granted. Spend time with your family at the dinner table or whenever we can sit at a restaurant again. This was a rebuilding year of realizing what matters each in our own lives. America on the other hand is going down the drain but this isn’t a political post. We personally need to get our heart, perspective, and motives right.

I don’t have a new year resolution this year. Working out. Eating healthier. Being fit. (Going to fit that taco in my mouth type of fit) Getting to check off my reading list. Personal goals in my head. Accomplishing more. Yes, I would like to see all that too. But also don’t be so hard on yourself or compare where you are to where other people are at. It’s not fair to you or to them.

So 2021, I pray that as individuals people will seek God’s face a lot more, love people a lot harder, and not get lost in trying to get everything checked off the to do list.

Let’s get our vision back of what truly matters! Happy New Year everyone!

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