Last Saturday was the first homeless Outreach of Least of These Ministries! Praise the Lord!

It was a very successful day. I’ll be honest I was quite nervous for I didn’t want it to be a flop. Of course nobody does but it was my first time. I was reminded that whatever you feel like God wants you to do, even if it’s for one person, it won’t ever be a flop. You showed up. You did it. You obeyed. That’s what God asks for!

It was storming all week with flooding and the forecast called for rain. I was nervous, not because it had to be on that particular day, but I already paid and ordered all the food for that Saturday! It’s not like I can walk around with all this food in the pouring rain. When it rains in Thailand it pours! (Haha) Yes, it rains hard in Ohio but I remember when my Daddy and I went to Nicaragua – that was rain! I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. Here in Thailand it rains so much at one time that it can flood quite quickly!

I’m thankful my friends wanted to help me because it would have been impossible to do it without them. My friend drove her car with all of us in it loaded with boxed foods, water bottles, and a flimsy foldable table I bought. We drove for over an hour to get to the place where I heard there were homeless people. I didn’t know what to expect and was nervous there would be a few people scattered here and there. I thought that if we had to personally go give them a box of food or if there would be a small line of people, I would be happy. That wasn’t the case at all when we arrived. There had to be a thousand homeless people just all right there. My heart broke and even hurt knowing I couldn’t even help them all nor even give them all something to eat.

A little overwhelmed, we drove to a corner further down and helped that street corner. We stopped the vehicle and before we could even get the table set up, people were already coming and asking for food. People couldn’t tell, but under my mask I was smiling so big and at the same time panicking because nothing was set up. The people didn’t wait for us to “be ready” being that they were so excited and hungry. But that’s the point. We are always supposed to be ready. (2 Timothy 4:2) As soon as I put a tract under the rubber-band box, someone was receiving it into their hands.

200 people got food. 200 people got water. 200 people got Gospel tracts handed to them in their language. We were done in less than 30 minutes. All I can pray is that everyone felt the love of Jesus that day. I pray that the 200 people who received the tracts, that they will ask Jesus to come into their hearts. I pray that their eyes will be opened to the Truth. I pray that they will know Jesus is the way and only way!

Jesus came for you and me – the least of these!
He loves you! There is hope in Jesus!

Thank you all for supporting Least of These Ministries! Because of you, I am able to be here and share the Gospel!

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