I’m eventually going to get back on schedule because I’m posting about yesterday. Haha

Friday’s will be my favorite day of the week!! Because on Friday we go to the Children’s Community!

I remember probably around 10 of the same children from last year! Some of them have grown so much and also they have learned a lot more English!! I am so proud of them! As I got out of the car they remembered me screaming, “Teacher Morgan!!” Melted my heart. ❤️

In Thailand it happened to be “Children’s Day” so I taught on how Jesus loves the little Children and made each and every one of them. He wants them to go to Him. I read them a book with beautiful pictures of the Lord’s Prayer I brought from back home.

My weather app said it was 91 degrees here but felt like 99 with the humidity and no breeze. I believed it. For once I believe the weather man is right this time haha Those of you who are in Ohio, enjoy that snow you’re getting!!

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