One Month – Part 1

I can’t believe I’ve been in Bangkok, Thailand already for one month!

The first day I got to Bangkok someone asked me, “What do you love so much about Thailand?” I sat there quietly thinking. Tears started to run down my cheeks.

As I looked out the window of the car, all of these thoughts went racing through my head.

I saw all the traffic and I can’t stand the traffic here. I don’t have much patience when it comes to sitting for a long time to get somewhere and it makes me car sick. I don’t have the freedom like I do in America to just hop in my cute car, Peppy, and drive.

The smell here is so difficult. That night when I walked into my apartment, it smelled like throw up and I just about did that myself. The streets smell so strongly of seafood and hot meat that it sometimes makes me sick to my stomach.

They don’t have Mexican food here so I can’t say I love the food. I’m allergic to seafood and also can’t handle their type of spicy. I am not a tea drinker whatsoever and that’s what you’re offered when you make any type of visit.

I look down the street and see nothing but thick huge wires all tangled up on the telephone poles, dirty shacks, and hundreds of motorbikes going every which way.

It’s so hot here so I knew I had to cut all of my long, beautiful hair off because it doesn’t do well in this type of climate.

I sit in a room full of people and I have no one to talk to. They all speak Thai. The ones who can speak a little English are either too shy or too frustrated to try to have a conversation.

Teaching English is actually pretty scary to me. It’s not my strongest subject so it makes it harder on me to study even more.

My parents and brothers are back home clear across the world. No jokes to laugh at together. No hugs to give.

I sat there in the car and couldn’t think of why I fell in love with Thailand so much when everything was so difficult for me. Whenever I talk about Thailand I would light up, but yet all of it is out of my comfort zone.

The people. That was my answer. The people here in Thailand is why I fell in love with it. Yes, I love the people back home in America. There’s no doubt about that. I have so many close friends and my church family. But the people in Thailand – they are missing something. They are missing Jesus.

I fell in love with wanting to share with them about how He has changed me. How He guides me. How He gives me strength each day. How He talks to me. How He loves me.

Hard is hard, but hard isn’t bad. Sometimes in life, God takes you away from all of your comforts that you’re accustomed to so you will see His hand in everything.

People need the Lord. You need the Lord.

I need the Lord. And He is enough.

6 Replies to “One Month – Part 1”

  1. Morgan – Amen. You said this so right on! May God give you the strength to deal with the “other” as you share Him and His love with those who are so desperately in need of HOPE! In the light of the message you have, the “other” is nothing. Praying for you!


  2. I’m so Blessed by the beautiful daughter of God you’ve become! Your heart for His children is so inspiring and I’m sure He will use you for mighty things there. Praying for you, my precious treasured friend. Love you. ❤️


  3. So thankful for the Lord’s work in and thru you. Love the picture you painted. You are right people need Jesus everywhere. The people of Thailand are a beautiful people. Thanking the Lord today


  4. I’m so proud of you for following the call of God. Love it that you are blogging your thoughts! That passion of yours will send you to your knees and walk you through every obstacle you may encounter. Just keep your eyes on Jesus as you allow your 💓 to expand to receive all He has for you in Thailand. Prayers and hugs.


  5. What a beautiful story portraying your feelings of Thailand and our everlasting God. You are truly blessed with family and friends that love you and support you in your ministry. Love you so much


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