Under A Coconut Tree

Tonight was simply amazing. As I sat outside sweating to death and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, all I could really do was look up at the sky, through the coconut leaves, and thank the Lord.

Here I was telling students about the love of our God. We laughed together. We talked together. We cried together. We sang together. We prayed together.

There was a Buddhist student to my left and to my right was a Muslim student. Let that sink in for a moment. As I sat there between them, I can vividly see their beliefs on them. A Buddha rosary and then also a Muslim head covering. When they look at me they see a Cross necklace. BUT it goes so much deeper than that.

When Jennie asked the students what do they know about the Character of God the first girl said, “Morgan”. I smiled and said, “Yes, He is in me!” But went on to explain Who He is and that God never changes. He loves unconditionally. He is Holy. He has all Wisdom. He is Love, Forever Faithful, and Full of Righteousness. God is the Truth.

But this is the picture I want you to see. This.

“Truth: The Truth help me from the hell.” -One of the students wrote this on their paper.

I responded, “Yes, the Truth of Jesus Christ will save you from Hell. This is why He came to save us from our sins. He died on the Cross so now we have a choice to invite Him in!”

This is a moment where I could have corrected this student’s sentence, but I didn’t. This was a time for the Truth to actually sink in their hearts. Not to be corrected, but to be encouraged. Sometimes we can mess up the Holy Spirit’s work by trying to make it all correct. Stop. This is the mess Jesus wants to fix. It’s not our job to fix it. It’s our job to show His love.

I’m so thankful for these special times that we have with the Students as we sit under a coconut tree.

Look up from where you are at, you may be sweating to death, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, or in other words going through something that’s not very pleasant, but thank the Lord where He has you. Where He has you at right now is where other people need to hear about Him!

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