C684092C-9B8B-4B42-9501-ED9A379F63E7.jpegSchool of Christ

God is always working!! So I did the School of Christ at my Church and also while I was homeschooled and absolutely love this school!!! Bro. Clendennen was such a great man of God. His preaching always encourages and challenges you to seek and experience God for yourself. Before I even left for Thailand, I kept trying to contact the school for the curriculum. I know that this school is international so I wanted to get ahold of them. I never got a response.

A month ago I was praying and remembered I would love to start a School of Christ and prayed it would somehow come to pass. A week later I got a Facebook message from a Pastor in Pakistan. I saw he was affiliated with the School of Christ and accepted his request. He told me he would like to meet with me in Bangkok in two weeks about setting up a School of Christ. I couldn’t believe it. Like really? That seemed too simple to just pray and get a random message from someone I didn’t know on exactly what I just prayed about. A sweet lady I met many many years ago through Brother Clendennen, told him I was in Bangkok and that’s how he found me. She didn’t even know I prayed for this. God is always working and always on the move. He hears your prayers even if you think they are too big or too small.

So now we are in the process of having a School of Christ for believers and leaders to learn and grow but also to experience God for themselves. We are praying about maybe starting it in October depending on when we can get schedules to work out along with the classrooms.

I feel bad for I’m not very familiar with all the Provinces of Thailand and they traveled pretty far to meet with Pastor Ben and me. God Bless Pastor Emmanuel, Pastor Peter, and Pastor Ben for this new project we can hopefully get started! I’m excited for the doors that only God can open.

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