Mission’s Trip Schedule for Up North

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Mission’s Trip Schedule for Up North

Please excuse me while I’m not posting a ton on my blog. It seems my “to do” list is growing and my days are getting shorter! (Ever feel like that too? Haha)

The OnePlusGod Team will be here in 5 days and we will be flying to Mae Sot! I’m super excited about the young people who said, “Here am I, God. Send me!”

There is so much planning that goes into missions trips, especially when there’s not a Walmart next door. We will be in the jungle Tuesday through Saturday (June 18th-22nd) with no WiFi signal so I won’t be able to post then either.

The team will be very busy up north! At Bricket 7 on June 19th, we will all help build a school for the 11th & 12th graders! On June 20th-22nd we will teach in schools, hold revival services, speak with military men and their wives, and meet with some important leaders to build relationships with them.

I am definitely excited for what God is going to do in each individual team member as well as the lives they will touch. This will truly be an eye opening experience for all of them. Please keep us in your prayers as the team is getting ready, packing, and praying about what to speak and teach. God is so good!

*This is a picture of Jennie, P’Ong (the Pastor’s wife), and me crossing the river to Bricket 7. I have “tribal sunscreen” on my face 😉

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