OPG Celebrating 6 Years of Ministry!

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OPG Celebrating 6 Years of Ministry!

I just want to thank God for the six years He has blessed One Plus God Ministries!

I’ve been serving with this awesome ministry now for one year and one month. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by! Although I’ve been with this ministry serving over seas, we are a team. It’s truly amazing how God has just put us all together! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel left out or don’t know what’s going on. We got to FaceTime last night so we could all pray together, share what God is doing, and what’s on our hearts at the moment. (Yes, that’s me on the phone holding my kitten NaaRak.)

Pastor Wayne is the founder of OnePlusGod and he does an amazing job in all that he does. I’m mainly thankful of how much he checks up on me – day or night. If I need something or have a questions, he never fails to respond right away. When I’m sick, he makes sure I’m getting medical attention with the funds to pay for it. He really understands about being away from your family in a different culture because he is from South Africa. I truly appreciate his kindness and his constant encouragement to the OPG staff!

Sara is the Public Relations Officer and if I had to describe Sara, I would say she’s the most bubbly person I know – full of joy! She cracks me up cause every time we talk I find that her and I have something else in common. That’s when we have to pray for Pastor Wayne! (Haha I’m joking.)

Caitlyn is the Ministry Development Manager and I thank God she handles all the office and paper work stuff. I’m so thankful she has so much patience with me while I’m learning new things or she has to explain it to me – again. Side note: Caitlyn and I used to work at Hobby Lobby together so God knew what He was doing having us cross paths!

I just wanted to take the time and say, thank you to my OPG family for making me feel loved and a part of One Plus God. Even though I’ve been serving in Thailand, I’m young, learning a ton, and being the “newbie” so to say, you all treat me with the same respect. We all discuss ideas and not one of us gets treated with disregard. You all encourage me so much to keep serving Christ and to follow where He is leading me. I just love that we are all doing what we feel called to do and we are doing it together. Our statement is, “Missions Minded – Everyday, Everywhere.”

I’m so excited for the future in 2020! I will post later on in my blog a little bit more in detail. For right now, I do feel like the Lord is calling me back to America for six months and then serving for the rest of 2020 at the Wisdom Foundation School in Thailand.

One Reply to “OPG Celebrating 6 Years of Ministry!”

  1. Hey sweetie I am so happy your serving the lord and he has his thumb on you steering you in the right direction and that you have such great leaders help you while you are In another country say now by your self I know God has great plans and bigger future for you where it might be in the states or Thailand. Thank God For Brother Wayne that he knows your needs because your far away from home . Girl well paw paw is much better but I am not oh Morgan I hurt so bad and I am beginning to wonder if I am ever going to get better I know I am so please pray for me. love you to the moon and back . Granny and Paw PAW.


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