Full Day of Teaching

Wednesday, September 25th, was a full day of teaching college students! I teach a business class every week at SPU (Sripatum University). At the moment, I’m mainly teaching cruise line students. I have around three hundred of them throughout the day. In order for them to get a job on the cruise line, they first have to pass the interview speaking fluently in English. So I’ve been teaching on this for about a month on how to correctly answer questions. I’ve been trying to get them ready for when the American team came we could have “interview stations” with them.

It was a great day at SPU although I have to say I could definitely tell who did their homework and who didn’t. Half of my students didn’t even show up and I had no idea who the other students even were, but at least they tried. It was such a great way for them to practice and I know they appreciated it.

After SPU, we headed to International Bible Church Thailand. There we were with the college students from RBAC. We had to give them their speaking exam which is us listening to their story and grading their English. Since I know these students, the three girls I had, I knew they could do better. I told them to redo their story and add descriptive words with drama to their speech. One of the girls, Areerat, started crying. (Whoops.) They ended up passing with perfect scores which is what I wanted for them!

When the students left it was around 7:15 pm. We then started our weekly Bible Study at 7:30 pm. I think Pastor Ben could see how tired we all were and cut it shorter at 9:30 pm for we always finish at 10:00 pm.

I was so proud of everyone doing such a great job teaching and listening to the students from SPU and RBAC! I know it made a long work day, but everyone had such a great time participating and learning with each other!

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