Speaking Exam

After the writing exam there came a speaking exam. Sadly, only three students passed the writing exam to move on to the speaking part. Back to the Church the students came, and I was quite shocked. I literally helped them for hours the week before with all the answers, but I know how hard it is learning a second language.

So I only had three students to work with on the speaking exam so we went outside the Church in the heat while all the others retook the writing exam inside. I could tell they were super nervous and I reassured them I wasn’t Professor Ben, but I still wanted them to do their best. They attended the English Service and the message was about, “Fear Not – for God Is with You!” And they kept repeating it over and over.

To pass the speaking exam they had to write a short story of how they went to school in the huts compared to how it’s different going to school in the city. They had to pretend they were speaking in front of a classroom full of children and be over dramatic in acting. After they were done performing, I told them that they wouldn’t want me to grade them on what they said and so I gave them 5 minutes to practice and retake it. They started begging me for mercy and that they would remember me forever if I passed them on this exam. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I knew they were going to pass, I just knew they could do better. I asked them what would help calm them down and not be so nervous. They wanted to sing the action songs we taught them so we sang, “Walking in the Light of God” and “Deep Down Down” together.

After that they shared their short story “in front of the class”. They passed with flying colors with only a minus one each and the other passed with a hundred! I was so proud of them!! They were in tears they were so happy! What I loved the most is they really related passing the test back to God. They said, “Deep down down Jesus in your heart really works! I’m going to make my children sing this every morning and every night before they go to bed ‘Deep Down Down’! I’m going to make them sing it everyday cause Jesus needs to be in your heart. It brings good luck to your life if you sing this song.”

I loved that they put that together themselves! So I took it as an opportunity to share with them that Jesus is the One that wants to stay in their hearts. That He doesn’t want them to fear anything and He is always there to help them. He helps me when I ask Him to because Jesus is in my heart to stay.

Please continue to pray for these students!! I love them so very much!

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