Cutting the Ribbon

My first experience in South Africa was at Shamwari4Jesus Church on that blessed Sunday morning, 1-19-20. This day was the day of the dedication service of their new church building. What a neat experience to be a part of!

The congregation started in the back of the walkway and started making their way up to the front of the church. They were clapping, dancing, and singing in Zulu praising God. I loved that they weren’t even rushed, but took their time thanking God for blessing them. When they got to the front of their new church building, they all prayed over it and cut the red ribbon symbolizing the doors are now open! What a beautiful sight to witness!

As we all gathered inside on concrete floors powdered with red dirt from the outside and only plastic chairs to sit on, God’s presence came flooding in as we worshipped His name. It blessed me so much. It truly shows it’s not about the material things that you have but WHO you have inside of you! And to them – Jesus is everything! It’s beautiful.

Pastor Wayne preached a powerful message about how when God opens the door, no man can shut it. God gives us the key to His Kingdom and it’s our job to pass along this key to invite people in telling them about His saving grace.

I’m thankful and blessed to be able to experience their church service. Even though I don’t understand what they are saying, God does. He understands every person. He understands everyone’s needs. He understands everyone’s language. We serve an understanding God! Doesn’t that just make you want to shout? Amen!

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